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Why SignCloud

A simple but powerful and robust system

Use low cost Android devices to deploy thousands of screens.
Scale quickly with EC2, GCE and other cloud providers.
Customise branding and link to your own domain name.
Centrally manage unlimited multimedia, devices, users and groups.
Display multiple items at the same time including HTML5 widgets.
Use our versatile data model and API to dynamically target customers. Use QR, NFC and Beacons as triggers with our remote data API.

That delivers real-time, dynamic and customised content

Use a camera to collect age and gender of your audience and control content.
Schedule content to display at predefined times.
Target content and adverts based on geographical location.
Define advanced conditions using your own data.
Create interactive presentations to inform and entertain your audience.

To Target and Engage your Customers

Target your audience with relevant and up-to-date adverts, news and announcements.
Engage your customers with interactive touch screens.
Track impressions and engagement with detailed real-time analytics, reporting and proof-of-play.