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New SignCloud cloud-based digital signage branding video

We are delighted with this new corporate video we had made to publicise the new SignCloud brand of cloud-based digital signage.

SignCloud is a powerful platform that runs on a global server infrastructure with redundancy and diversity across three of the major global cloud computing platforms including Google Compute Engine, Amazon AWS and Linode.  We have hosted environments in Asia, North American and Europe that are dynamically load balanced and synchronised to make sure our customers always get the fastest server response while their digital signage content is backed up across multiple cloud storage platforms.

cloud-based digital signage

SignCloud cloud-based digital signage is used in a wide variety of industries from retail to fast-food, from cinemas to hospitals, and from inside buses to airport concourses.  The system employs condition-based triggering to delivery relevant and customised content to users in real-time.

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